Creations in a shed

The Shed Creations is a family run business based in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

My husband and I bought a house in 2014 and decided too like most, "put our own stamp on it". We designed each room as we went along, taking lots of inspiration from the internet, magazines and television. While researching it became clear that we wanted a lot of things that we couldn't get or afford. And so we made or own, from furniture to art work to light fittings, all from the comfort of our garden shed.
We enjoyed the research, design and manufacturing of these creations of ours, other people who visited did too. We made a decision then to see if some would sell.

The Shed Creations was born.

All our products are designed and manufactured in by us.........from the comfort of our shed!

Here at The Shed Creations we specialise in bespoke handmade fixtures and fittings, from light fittings to shelving to curtain rails.  Nothing has to be standard and we wouldn't want it that way so all products are customisable.
The products that we offer are all handmade to order and can be tailor made to suit you.  We love to create something unique, and offer a 'design your own' service to our customers. Get in touch with any specialist requirements or to start creating something completely special.

The services we offer

Bespoke handmade lights
We hand make all our lights and welcome bespoke orders.  We can design you something totally unique and special or if you have a design of your own, you can share it with us and together we can create the perfect light.
On the other hand, if you like the design of one of our lights but it is not quite right, we can tweak the light fitting to your specification.

Bespoke handmade fixtures and fittings
All the fixtures and fittings that we produce can be made to all your requirements.  Size and finish can all be changed to suit you. 
If you can not find a product that you want then get in touch and we will design and manufacture a product tailor made for you.

Up-cycle and reconditioning
This is the most rewarding and challenging part of the services we offer.  We don't like to throw things away because we believe they can still have a purpose.
-Want to turn that old skate board into a wall light??     Done
-Want to make a shelf from old building materials??      Not a problem
-Want to make a light from that old cable drum??          We would love to
Just a couple of examples of what we can do, so don't hesitate to get in touch to talk about what we can create for you.

Light fitting rewire/fault repair
It is common for light fittings to break, and sometimes heart breaking when the are perfect for the room!  Here at The Shed Creations we offer a repair service. 
We will arrange a courier to retrieve the light from you, we'll perform any work that needs doing to bring the fitting back to life and then send it back to you via courier. We like to keep it simple.
Sometimes light fittings need a little TLC, and we offer that kind of attention, we can give it a "service" like you would a car.  Parts within light fittings can perish and sustain damage from things such as heat.  And so we would rewire the light, give it a clean and change any parts that would impair the longevity of the light fitting, giving you piece of mind that it is not only safe to use but looking its best.

Fitting service
The Shed creations offers a fitting service, we make light fittings/ fixtures so who else better to install them for you.
Based in the East Riding of Yorkshire, we cover a large area and offer a first rate professional service.  Get in touch for an installation quote!  Discounts are offered for the installation of products bought from this site and you will save on the postage!!! 

Contact us to discuss any of the services we offer. 

All our products are handmade to order, all will be slightly unique as it comes with the territory.

Not found anything you like? Or have your own idea of something you would? Please get in touch and we will be happy to create something perfect.

Let us create something for you

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